Raelyns Roulette: SPONSOR


Hello! Thank you for being interested in working together! Below is what ya need to know!

Why work with Raelyn’s Roulette vs. a
public figure with over thousands/millions of followers? Her social
status is considered a “power middle influencer.” An example would be if
a brand (in which Raelyn’s Roulette categories of interest covers) chooses
to collaborate with her, there is a greater likelihood of engaged followers
whom are authentically interested in all topics of discussion on her blog.
With the same amount of budget, brands can collaborate with organic
influencers in order to reach the best relative engagement. 

*As of 04/2017 Raelyn's Roulette will be partnering with sponsored posts/non sponsored campaigns on a case by case basis. Due to high volume of daily proposals from brands, Jamie cannot guarentee posting complimentary gifts. Additionally, she does not post anything that she would not wear or purchase herself.* 

Email: Raelynsroulette@gmail.com


Sponsored partnerships receive the following within a seven day turn around:

Purchased props


High resolution photos  

Dedicated blog post 500+ words

Permanent photos on ALL social platforms 

Increase traffic/brand awareness by offering free Instagram and Snapchat stories


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