Raelyns Roulette: ABOUT


Thank you for wanting to know more about me...
My name is Jamie. I am a mother to the distracted baby featured up above and a wife to the tall guy next to me. I reside in Los Anegeles County in California. I am a stay at home military spouse and mom trying to make a living so I may continue to stay available to my 4yd. My background is Merchandising and Marketing. My heart, is this small brand I have created blogging. I have a voice here and I get to express my creative outlet while opening up my home to you. I am frugal at spending but luckily I have Chris who is the opposite. I owe my endless amount of apparel, accessories, bags, shoes, and make-up to him (This all ends up going to charity, because I like to evolve in my look). I have a Bohemian spirit and I am inspired every day by all the little things. 
I despise shopping sale (zero patience to dig) and I save to shop for anything outside my budget.

Why the name? Raelyn is a combination of my parent's names. It has always been used as a good luck when using the letters/numbers. Roulettea gambling game in which a ball is dropped onto a revolving wheel, players bet on the number at which the ball will come to rest. Between the blogging and fashion world, it is an endless revolving wheel; So here I am,  placing my bet with my good luck charm. 
Few random facts about myself:

  1. I am a Christian, and I thank God vs. asking everyday. With that being said, I am the second generation of  Mexican-American and Puerto Rican American. I have sass, humor, and struggle from occasional potty mouth. 
  2. I am a professional introverted extrovert, oh yeah its real.
  3. I am ambidextrous, to an extent..I think.
  4. I danced professionally for 10 years and I have a good voice in regards to singing sing (Unfortunately, what usually follows is me getting voice lessons).
  5. I do not judge, I let God do that.
  6. Mexican dishes and Pinterest recipes are what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  7. I still buy fashion magazines from Barnes and Nobles despite new technology these days. I then donate each issue to the local nail salon. 
  8. I am the opposite of a hopeless romantic, yet married to a hopeless romantic.
  9. I am confident more than ever now when applying make-up, yet, If you catch me on the streets, I most likely will have a bare face.
  10.  Piggy backing above, when not photo-shooting I walk around dressed to impress with a clean bun.
I am a sweet-heart with a twist of that Chicana sass, kind, sensitive, and I am a good listener. I am happy to help others in need. I respect each brand/client I work with. 

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