June 28, 2021


 I was realist and did not want to take out a loan or charge a credit card for something that was only going to last a day. With that being said, I 100% realize the is THE ONE day to spend whatever the costs may be for others and I have been a guest at those weddings and I cried at the love, happiness, beauty of the venue, the food, and much more. So, do what makes YOU happy!

I bought a binder, a flash drive, books marks, and basically had a great day of organizing. I made a list of what was MOST important to both Chris and I for our wedding. We both agreed our guests having a good time and not bored to death was a priority. I pin-pointed how much I would make in the amount we got engaged to the day of the wedding. That was my budget and welcomed anyone who wanted to step-in and cover any costs along the way. The list went like this based on my dead locked budget.

1) I really didn't want to visit a ton of venues and tried to nail it down to top 3. This day, I only made it to the 2nd one which was The Odyssey . This was the was place to go back in my parents day and other elders. I wanted a private area with a romantic view in case anyone needed some private air, enjoy some quaint time, etc. 

With the guests and amount of food I wanted a place with limited guests. Yes, it would have been awesome to invite all my family of 200-300 guests. Now, here is where everything changed. Chris was certain his family from all over the states would most likely not attend, yet we had at least 30/80 attend. Naturally, we were really excited and made room. 

Problem solving:
The limited capacity allows only 80 persons but feel free to join after the reception as I knew some would only join the ceremony, reception, and/or the after party.

 I made a planned list of Plan A, B, and C of guests They all received communication beforehand and as the day went on for whomever appreciated attending last minute. (Which all did dropped everything, dressed to impress, and even brought a gift).  I hope they knew their presence alone was enough and my heart was eternally grateful.

The dress: I made a huge rookie mistake and ordered online for this ideal beautiful image and no-real life photos (clearly a stolen image). It came in the mail and I had an absolute meltdown and drove to my mom's house an hour away and my two sisters came over. Not even they could deny the fact that this dress was legit handmade from what could have been my first attempt at designing a wedding dress at the age of 8yd. It took 3 months of back and forth damn near hiring legal help to get my refund back. I was relentless and kept the dress only to turn it around for $50 on EBAY to a talented Mother who turned the fabric into a fairytale for her daughter's dress. DO NOT buy your wedding dress online. It is beyond importance to touch the fabric, vision it, test it, feel it, try it, feel it, wear it, and repeat!!!!

I remember my talented colleague who worked at Anthropologie with me at the time being incredibly honest with me in regards to asking what my budget was for flowers. I knew I wanted wild flowers, bohemian inspired, and not a damn traditional rose or anything else be included. We had to take a trip to the Downtown L.A. floral district to put together mock-ups of the centerpieces, bouquet, boutonnieres, bridesmaid bouquets, head crowns, and more I didn't take into account. I was open for fillers (queen's lace, greens) and being realistic with my budget and florals were a must have under $2K, which made the labor and delivery basically free and made me on a mission to focus heavily on beauty shots of every single details when it came to the floral decor and headpieces so my florist had something to take away for their work. 

At the time I was a store merchandiser and my morning duties along with other managers was to unbox all categories of new merchandise and prep my work carts to visually add to the sales floor. I unboxed glassware and I KNEW I wanted a glass set that helped my aesthetic 

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