Raelyns Roulette: BABY NO.2 FINALLY!!!!

June 04, 2021


 I can't believe I'm even saying this but so happy and relieved to finally announce I'm 4.5 months pregnant!! I'm going to answer most asked questions here and also in my IG stories. I will have a to be continued with all that happened up until the time I announced at 16 weeks, its been an emotional rollercoaster. 

1) We tried 4 years and three months for this one 16 week old. Initially, I got pregnant when Landon turned one but didn't make it very far, that was a whole ass grieving process and he/she would have been 4yd this month. 

2) In January of 2020 I had myself tested for infertility and luckily checked out perfectly fine. I was waiting for Chris to return from active duty to get himself tested, unfortunately, that was exactly when Covid hit and the entire world shut down. My OB said to just continue to have fun and have sex 2-3xs a week. So we enjoyed being married and did just that before and after, still no luck.

3) Yes, it was always hard seeing a new pregnancy announcement (of course I was happy for whomever it was). Eventually, I got use to it within the lat year.

4) Earlier this year in February I went ahead and saw my OB again and we finally decided it was time to get some tests done. I was overwhelmed with having to go in on certain days within my cycle, having contrast dye thrown in my body, and the possibility of
(IUI) aka 'Intrauterine insemination.' Landon had made it clear he had been wanting a 'friend' younger sibling to play with so I was willing to do anything except IVF. 
The most asked question:

"How we found out?"

It was an average Monday with me harassing Landon to sit his ass still during good ol' homeschooled distance learning on his computer. At the time, I was watching my 4 month old niece full-time too. That following Wednesday I had my first appointment to get tested and I was late, of course! I had one pregnancy test left and figured why not humor myself and take it. I left it on my bathroom counter and forgot about it. I sat on the floor in Landon's room over an hour to make sure he participated with his classmates. Before it was time to take Landon to daycare for his weekly social fun (and my sanity) I began recording a skincare video for a collaboration with a few brands. During the recording, I glanced at the test and a big fat PREGNANT sign appeared. 

Immediately, I was shaking and in disbelief. I grabbed MCdonald's for Landon and rushed him to the in-home daycare where some of the kids from his school also attended. I went to Target, Walmart, the 99 cent store, and basically every type of test. My niece was luckily a piece of cake and slept mainly. I took all 6 tests (I drank a gallon of water)  and each one took under 10 seconds to hit positive. I  screamed, my niece screamed, I cried, my niece cried lol. Instead of going in that Wednesday to begin testing I went to confirm I was indeed pregnant. 
I am still too tired to deal with a cover on my videos when uploading them to my site. :(

Chris was on orders in another state and couldn't wait to tell him. He was in the middle of training staff how to use some sorta of military grade gun something or other. The call when a little like this..

Me: I'm pregnant! I just sent photos!!!

Chris: What?! Guns are going off, what?!

He said he'd call me later then clearly got the texts of the pregnancy tests and told me congratulations. I responded back "thanks, its yours!" He always wanted a special announcement when I finally told him but that has yet to happen. 

Part two info coming soon as I mentioned at the very top of this post! STAY TUNED! XO

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