April 17, 2021


Beige Fitted Sleeveless Dress

This slip dress is definitely fitted and a little hard to walk in whilst taking small steps (short people problems). It's still comfortable and ya don't have to wear a bra which makes it a win! When I was pregnant with Landon I these types of dresses until I reached the point of the itchy part around 30 weeks. This dress also shows all so aim for silky underwear or non-show of any ty      

Ribbed Sleeveless Fitted Midi Dress 

This dress comes in 5 colors total! It is selling out fast so buy one here 

This comfy gem can be worn w/out a belt too (if you're taller). I opted for this lace bra here as I always like an extra detail in the front or back. I only share my measurements so my audience can feel confident in how to wear any item I am seen wearing. I am wearing a size small and wearing the lace bra from Target in a XL. It has padding in case it should be cold and ...yeaaaaaa nothing can point out ( I am beyond modest in that area). I have seen other bloggers wear it and some do not need a bra what so ever and others opted for a regular strapless bra; This jumpsuit look beautiful on every woman. 

I have a little more room in this dress to walk and it is easily wearable with/out a bra. The ribbed tight fabric is supportive. Not sure why but within the last two years, if I am wearing a tanked sleeve length dress I prefer to dress it down with light weighted ankled tennis shoes. If I know the wind will pick up or a temp drop occurs, my staple is always a denim jacket like the one here. I am not into the new belt bag trend that can be worn as a cross shoulder but I can see it pairing well with this look. Similar bags I picked are here or this one

Another fitted dress and for whatever reason I have been into pinks, blush, red, purples, and everything in between. I always love partnering with Pink Blush and be sure to check out there maternity collection as they can be worn pre-paregnancy or postpartum!

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