March 24, 2021


Clearly, I have been MIA as the last several months have once again changed the face of Influencers, Bloggers, Content Creators, Public Figures, etc...If you want to skip through the post I have linked the above looks below. I am going to explain why I am now becoming a "LTK Girl" which is something I always despised since everyone and their mama's ..Uncle's..Baby mama, dog's , neighbor, and so forth became. 
All billions of the above titles talk to one another. Brands have become BOLDLY BRAVE than ever before. I and millions of others get offered gift cards, a discount, or as high as $100 to publish several IG static posts, stories, IGTV, Reels, TIKTOK, and the list goes on. Personally from me and the other millions, we stopped wasting time to respond {SILENTLY PASSING}. If you have a brand and presently trying to get free marketing/ editorial/ images...you are most likely going to agree to someone who is new and with a following under 2K on Instagram alone. We are all running this as a full-time income only business and it has been illegal to work for free for over decades now; That is EXACTLY what is being asked. 

Now, I do negotiate with specific brands that have been in contact with me for years and they do not ask for specific requirements simply hope I mention my honest opinion. Those are the brands I can't afford to spend on $$$+, I appreciate them and always have so I always assure to promote them in several ways.

Not sure how to make the above example anymore legible. Quite simply, I can afford to purchase Lindt Lindor with less of my time and purchase whatever content I want in less than the amount of work they are asking me to do, Quite frankly, this email is an insult. This email is one example out of the endless emails I wake up to each morning. It is refreshing to know several others are doing the same and dismissing the email as well. 

Going forward I am sticking to outfit ideas and skincare regimes while feeling appreciated the next morning to at the very least $100 in commission from my loyal following. This is what brands are missing out on, sales. Also it's pretty fun just posting content I enjoy again and even having some fun. 

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