Raelyns Roulette: MY FAREWELL LETTER TO 2020 + SHOP

December 24, 2020


This year canceled a lot of plans, this year was canceled-ish....but I experienced so much before this year. See below for my 'thankful for' list below. Hopefully, this sheds some light on others' point of view. I turned my view and narrative around to feel thankful and not the bitter bitch I can be.

Tried to find similar options for my decor! See below!


 1) I've traveled to at least 15 states and plan on many more to come!

2) I went to prom TWICE!

3) Had a bomb ass wedding with lots of family

4) Honeymoon was magical

5) Huge baby shower

6) All the food I could eat on a baby-moon

7) Was able to have my mom and husband in my delivery room. My heart for those who couldn't have anyone and didn't make it as far :(

8)I realized what a real friend is and turns out aside from my husband I only have one other (BOSTON!!!!!)  and that's better than fake two faced ones.

9) My sister delivered a healthy beautiful niece and have been luckily healthy in order to spend time with her.

10) None of my loved ones died from COVID

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