October 21, 2020



I use to think Landon needed so much of my time and energy and figured it would get easier to balance trying to keep up with social media and him. Im not a sugar-coating type of Mom, I am going to give you the real deal. He wakes up with the sun, is energetic, gets bored with screens after a while. There is a lot of this needed spiked with a bit of vanilla sweet cream so I can drink it faster. I am given a schedule to follow from the school so we start at 8am and take about 10 breaks. He doesn't need the breaks, it's me who does. I am beyond grateful his school and I hear many offer means as if the children did attend school. I worked my butt off to get him ready for Kindergarten because NO ONE believed he was/could be ready. Well, guess what????? It's pretty damn easy for him.

The not so easy part is his restlesness and interacting via computer vs. being with his "friends" since he is pretty outgoing. I find telling him "Just do your best, I understand this is frustrating." I'd say 3 out of 5 days are pretty easy, sometimes more or less. There are days when I can get work in and other days I have to sit right next to Landon on his chrome during zoom with deadly laser eyes and thinking some unthinkable language.https://media.giphy.com/media/26xBJb7OyiWSKzZ28/giphy.gif
Being accountable for him during every single thing directed by his school system can be exhausting as every other week there is something new to add to the next milestone. With running errands with him and training him to NOT need a nap, by the time we get to the register I can feel myself sweating from telling him NO! for the umpteenth time buying a new toy or candy. 

The first week was like this but now we are in a routine. As an influencer and as usual finally getting back to posting on social media platforms, that part is hard and quite nearly impossible. I decided for my mental stability and my poor social butterfly son, to put him in a in-home daycare. Chris is on active duty orders until who knows when but hopefully in the Fall/Winter we will have time to ourselves on the days Landon is gone. 

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