Raelyns Roulette: SHORT AND SWEET

July 12, 2020


Busy but keeping my fave story, image, and blog wallpaper templates. Exact dress and similar alternatives first (psssttt fav photoshop apps too). 

I OF COURSE use FACETUNE (so does every other woman) always. I have no shame! I always have bruises from neck to toes and no one wants to see that shit. My mama does too so i guess it's  just genetics, Also, I detail my hair curls, dress prints, and eye make-up. Not having a professional photoshoot in ages calls for mad editing. I adore Tarte Cosmetics linked below but lately NYX does the trick. I rarely wear make-up and am always on the go so a simple concealer, mascara, and bronzer to make my face go from dead to alive is vital (hehe, get it?). Below are the make-up products that have been gifted via PR press releases. 
I have lightroom but on my iPhone 'Snapseed' is so easy to correct a photo via lighting, contrast, and portrait mode.  Chris's Jeep got a hit and run and I had to edit the front, did ya notice? This photo above was dark and full of horrific lighting, 110 degrees, and Snapped came to the rescue. 
I know others use other heavy duty apps and/or photoshop. One of my biggest fears is to not edit my face and body so heavily that I become unrecognizable. With that being said, not gonna name those apps. Please, don't change your face or body via photoshop. It messes with your own reflection and those you influence. 
If I or a close friend uses my phone to photograph any collaborations then I use VSCO cam, HB2.

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