June 29, 2020


I've said it on my IG stories - the world is coming to an end and we're all gonna die by the end of the year. Time to get right with Jesus ya'all!!! No but on a serious note, I have had grace on myself by watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney channel, playing video games with Landon....etc. I get out of my head and just for a moment I forget about everything that has been going on. I'll list some movies and shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat at the bottom. I'll keep updating it after today, so be sure to check within the next 7 days. Details about my outfit next up.

I saw this dress on the mannequin it was naturally the last one, I just had to have it. I had already envisioned several way to wear it. Unfortunately, it was an XS and my bust size was too big and it was to revealing for my taste. I exchanged it for a small and while it was a little longer and looser but I still loved it. I paired it with gladiator heels, a classy bohemian inspired necklace, white framed sunglasses, and my Michael Kors bag. I can see myself dressing it down for more of a beach look too. OH! in regards to the second photo above, the dress doesn't come with a stain lol and I was too lazy to edit it out. I know these items will sell out fast so I wanted to post it for you all asap.
The necklace is doubled so as you can see a smaller piece can be flipped to make the necklace into a statement piece. 

Let's talk movies! FYI, I am not a Hollywood ending kinda girl. I like real endings.
  1. Breakthrough 2019 - As a parent I am going to warn you, this movie is every mother's worst nightmare. It is Christian based and I love that it is a true story. I cried and forgot breathe for what felt like 15 minutes. It has beautiful moments though.
  2. Molly's Game 2017 - Jessica Chastain can play any role. It is female empowering.
  3. Pihu 2018 - EDGE OF YOUR SEAT FROM BEGINNING TO END! The setting is staged in one home and a two-year old has to care for herself in worst case scenarios. The mom is home and won't wake up. 
  4. Hustlers 2019- I know, I know some made fun of this movie. I saw it for what it was, the great lengths a mother would do to financially support their kids. Also, the infamous "Motherhood is a mental illness."
  5. The Wrong Missy 2020 - On a lighter note, this gem is a little lame at first but Lauren Lapkus (plays Missy)  had me laughing my ass off. David Spade goes on a date and even I was like WTF is wrong with this girl?! I've never been on a blind date but I've heard similar stories. 
  6. Like Crazy 2011 - All time favorite since it first came out. A couple of college students hit it off right away and due to their lack of being patient.....the last 10 minutes of this movie will hit you with least expected.
  7. 365 Days - 😜 just trust me on this one. 
Let's talk shows! Not the infamous old ones (The Office, Friends, Breaking Bad..)

  1. Married At First Sight - I am not usually a reality TV believer, however, I believe this this one is. I barely started on Season 9 and have to start from Season 1. It's clear there are people who most likely do it do get fame/noticed but you can tell there are most that truly care.
  2. 13 Reasons Why - Obvi. talking about season 4. I have been following this show since the first one. Chris usually introduces me to shows and movies he knows I'll like; Otherwise I'd be lost. Season 4 touches several hot topics and for the millionth time as a parent, I teared up several times. Makes me want to always to tell Landon how perfect and loved he is and he can do no wrong. 
  3. Upload - This will give you hope for 2021. It is was one of those futuristic comedies and has a cute diverse love story to go along with it.
  4. Haunting of Hill House - This show is brilliant and although it took me two weeks to finish and could have (around the time I was homeschooling Landon and being pestered to leave the couch by Chris ) finished it in two days. A family of 6 move into a new home in hopes of knocking a new house and the thrill begins. It begins to unfold episode by episode and the end finally makes sense. 
  5. Dead to Me - A wife looses her husband by a hit and run and finds herself living with the killer. There is a lot of cursing and sarcasm which made it humorous for me. If you've seen season 1 and not 2 I won't spoil it for you. I will say this, it took me three episodes to really get into 2 so give it a chance. 

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