October 21, 2019


In regards to the title, the amount of dm's I receive about "Where do I start?" or "How did you grow your following?" First, I try not to get offended when I get asked how did I grow my following hahahaha, I always want ask "By being me, why? Hard to believe?" It is 2019 and so much as changed since I started in 2016, my honest answers will unravel below.

1) Run. Jk (Not really) If you are the type of person who quits after not seeing immediate results, you will not last. This type of work requires patience and being relentless. I have probably been told "No" at least a hundred times this year alone. I will be real with you, I am NOT use to being told no to, so imagine the last three years of me doing my thang with my business and how discouraging it is to be  told this word at the very least 300 times. I have somehow kept my head up high, increased the thickness of my skin, and dusted off the fact that I am in a COLD COLD COLD industry. No one told me that before I dove in face first on March 1st 2016. So let me tell you something....

Let's start with this photo. First, I have no idea how they got my email and invited me to this event. Don't get me wrong, I gushed over how BEAUTIFUL and well put this event was (coming from a stage design and prop styling background). This was my first time being offered a driver  from 45 minutes away for FREE. I went through UBER and picked the fanciest car possible so I looked the part when I arrived to the event. Now, keep in mind....this is WORK. My job. I remained neutral during the drive and very much respectful of my driver. These photos from the event may seem glamorous -----> Photos from events 

2) Instagram is deceiving.

Work is work. I could but should not dare to walk up to celebrities and exchange phone numbers, you need to be professional, smiling non-stop, two drink minimum, socialize, network, and most importantly act as Press.
(3) Where do I start?

Now, my usual advice starts with Pinterest or a manual mood board of what you intend to keep as your aesthetic.

  • I get pissed when I see someone basically steal my image (don't even think of copying anyone unless you take bits on inspiration). 
  • You need to find a way to stand-out amongst this overly X'S 5 saturated IG world. 
  • Consistency from beginning to end day in and day out, everyday for 365 days = SUCCESS
  • I just gave you the winning golden ticket answer on how to succeed as an influencer and blogger.
4) Do I still need a website?

A big fat F*CK Yes. A killer one (My web design needs TLC). You need to walk into this  knowing your blog is golden. This is where you get to say what you want and what makes you that much more relatable and interesting. I gain views even when not posting because shit gets pretty damn real on here.

5) Don't get thirsty.

Never buy followers or likes. It is obvious and everyone knows how to determine if you ever did. If you have 1k followers that are 100% loyal, know your worth.
6) I have been told several times, only the prettiest of the prettiest get noticed. It's 2019, everyone is beautiful. Confidence is....underestimated. Everyone has insecurities or worries so don't assume because someone is this or that has it easier. 

7) You don't need a ton of money to get started. Just a phone, wifi, imagination, creativity, etc...

Good Luck!


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    1. Sorry, i am just seeing this now! I just posted a new one!



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