July 03, 2019


 **This is a sponsored {ad} brought to you by Chadwicks of Boston. **

At first when reviewing the clothing for this collaboration I wondered, am I too short? Some of it is outside my usual boring style of no patterns. Also, I am not a fan of linen due to wrinkles or stiff fit....no problem here. When it arrived at my doorstep, I was blown away! I tried on everything and Chris looked it all. It was so flattering and the print/colors were a perfect mixture of pigmented colors yet not overwhelmingly colorful. I have worn each dress to church and as a human being, the compliments have been overflowing so naturally I began wearing it everyday. It's loose around my waist so I simply add my staple belt that goes with everything. Considering the price point, I have no idea who they keep it so affordable. This is why...
This dress alone is clearly made of beautiful long-lasting fabric that is worth dry-cleaning or hand wash. I would not dare to put it in the washer/dryer. Here are the compliments I get: It's modest, I am so petite  framed and 5'0 but still so flattering on me, the colors, perfect balance of print and floral or white base color,  and the lace is top notch! I personally heard of them through church friends. I am hoping Chadwicks and I can create a collection and collaborate to produce brand awareness and sales to my audience. That is how much I love and believe in their product.  
I admire  Chadwicks because they believe in not increasing their prices for different sizes. Every woman deserves to feel stylish and not feel any shame in purchasing more for the amount of extra fabric. My middle sister, Adrienne can easily wear what I am wearing. She would normally be a large or medium but some of the dresses from Chadwicks she runs a small. Lol, at work when she gets compliments wearing the above dress she LOVES saying its a size small. 😂 The fact is, she feels so curvy and beautiful while on top of trends. Again, I truly hope to connect with Chadwicks and create a collection with them to drive sales. This brand is not just for modest, all sizes fit all, fair price points, flattering, but also hundreds of thousands need to know of them and the confidence it can bring. Thank you Chadwicks for partnering me! 

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