May 23, 2019


No one told me what postpartum would be like, mentally or emotionally. I had NO IDEA postpartum depression and anxiety ran on my moms' side of the family. You can't imagine how confused I was as to why I kept crying and crying, for no specific reason. #ad #sponsored

Once my maternity leave was up, I confided in two friends who had a baby around the same time as me. They both wished they had spoken up to anyone willing to listen in regards to their mental health postpartum. I called my primary physician and they got me in ASAP. I was shocked as to why they felt it was urgent for me to get in. As soon as I left my doctors office, Walgreens had sent me a notification to pick up my prescription! Here comes the REAL fun part.....

Yeah, yeah, so the instructions say take it everyday and to not stop abruptly. I was back at work, exhausted, missed my baby, and decided not to pick up my refill for a few days. I kept getting notified by Walgreens to pick it up and it wasn't until I started feeling really off that I called Walgreens to make sure it was ready and inquired about my symptoms. I was dizzy, lethargic, and minute after minute I kept getting these static-like currents through my brain. A pharmacist got on the phone and explained I was most likely going through withdrawal symptoms! That word terrified me! The pharmacist did not make me feel irresponsible or clueless but instead assured me it was normal and I would be just fine after a day or two once I continued taking my medicine as prescribed. I love that Walgreens has always truly cared about making sure I was safe.

A year and a half after that, we moved to Virginia for over a year. I had a hard time having my medication sent to a state that was across the Country. I confided in a pharmacist I had not taken my anti-depressant in days and the move away from my family and friends was taking a toll on me. The symptoms of depression came rushing back, it was the worst. Thankfully, the Walgreens in California and Virginia got on the phone with each other and transferred everything. When I finally accepted this chronic mental illness was going to be a battle, the sooner I accepted myself. It is okay to not feel okay and ask for professional help to seek the best treatment. 

One day I finally walked into Walgreens and did a consultation with a pharmacist. They informed me of vitamins I could take along with my medication and informed me how many resources were available by downloading their app. I never miss a day of my medication. Here is a quick link so you can get started on caring for your wellbeing TODAY --> Click me 
I have created a routine for taking my medication. Walgreens offers a pill reminder feature on their app to keep you on track. Walgreens also provides services if you are short on time by saving a Trip Refill and using 'Walgreens Express.'

You see below? Make the call today! I know it can be overwhelming when battling these chronic illnesses, but do NOT be afraid to ask for help. Whether it be your doctor or a Walgreens Pharmacist, start taking the right medication, at the right dosage, and all else your doctor and nearest Walgreens Pharmacist. They want to hear from you!


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