April 25, 2019


Per my question box on my Instagram stories, the most popular question was what editing apps I use. Also, for new bloggers or those who want to start a blog are the ones I get asked the most in reference to the topic above. For those of you who just wanna shop, I have included outfit deets below as well as a couple items I love from American Eagle and sizing.

I am still in the process of re-creating my aesthetic but I am going to be sharing several apps you must have!

When editing lighting:
  1. Snapseed is SO HELPFUL in lighting in your not familiar with..
  2. VSCO-CAM AKA VSCO on my iPhone
  3. Lightroom - I have a love/hate relationship with this on my desktop. I do not have much experience with my iPhone 
When adding filter (in my fave usual apps)
  1. I usually just use VSCO filter DOG1 -5 and HB2 -5 (this all depends on the lighting...sunshine....natural inside light....etc. 
  2. After VSCO I upload my photo to Instagram. I love +50 Lux (you can find this at the top right before you post). Sometimes I lower the 'Shadow' edit feature and +20 Vignette
  3. Mextures app - I use this more-so for popularity use. You know those grainy photos that look like scratch marks off a old 80's polaroid, like this one . 

Editing imperfections:
  1. Facetune - I have no shame! I am so insecure about my veins during the heat, it's so weird and I hate it. No one wants to see some one modeling a pair of denim shorts with veiny legs. I use the smooth tool, unless I have a professional photo-shoot then I let my photographer handle all edits.
  2. Wearing something baggy and adds some unflattering curves or weight gain? Well, if you aren't yet comfortable modeling good angles when in this particular pain in the ass situation - Use face tune to NATURALLY edit the clothing NOT your body. Accept your body and be relatable to your audience. 'There is a way to lessen the size of the clothing in Facetune without distorting the image. 

Breaking the rules with a background image

  1. Canva - You have the option to do something a little different like this post. The rules are changing and if you want to make your stories or posts a little interesting sometimes, this has the cutest templates!
  2. You can even use Canva as a introduction to a blog post, create a image with the title, and share it on all social media platforms including Pinterest. Place a 'Must Read' interesting topic on the image created. 
Video Editing

  1. If you aren't comfortable with Final Cut (expensive editing) then try iMovie on your laptop if you have a MAC. 
  2. None of the above? I have a free video editing app on my phone called 'In Shot' and it does the job.

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