March 27, 2019


I have been so excited to write this post! Chris came home in mid February from HIS LOOOOOOONG DEPLOYMENT. His welcoming home surprise did not go anywhere near expected. Our home was clean, warm dinner, fresh cold beer in the fridge, and Landon was somewhat awake to welcome him home too. As soon as Chris called me to open the gate to our home, I immediately checked out (mind, sanity, body, and soul). The first night was close to perfect. We slept together in the same bed (WHAT? MARRIED PEOPLE DO THAT?!) It was freezing that night and we cuddled the same way we did 10 years ago. The next day.... is where it gets tricky.
I had the hardest time waking up the next morning, staying awake, and my body basically went out like a traumatized animal. I did EVERYTHING for 9 months during his deployment, and I had nothing left to give as soon as Chris walked through the door.

Chris, however, was ready to get stuff down around the house, change some decor, organizing, grocery shopping, change Landon's way of doing this, discussing my parental decisions....we were counseled on this before he deployed. I was trained to give a safe word of...."YOU ARE SUFFOCATING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" Just kidding, more life "Can I have a moment, please?" 
We were supposed to go to Virginia for 10 days, but my doctor advised I stay behind and relax and so I did. I slept for nearly four days. My parents, naturally, insisted on my staying with them so they could watch over me. My mom made a fresh batch of homemade pinto beans which carried a good amount of protein. That's all I ate for two days. I did not have an appetite. Fast forward to Chris comes home take 2. 🔄

I was rested, dolled up, got over my millionth cold, and  was ready for him to officially come home and stay put. It was so amazing having him wake up with Landon and take him to school (daycare). I'd wake up to Chris letting Landon help make breakfast (so adorable hearing them). He immediately invested in home projects and purchased learning tools to challenge Landon. The house was clean by 9am everyday! Now, a whole week later lol came a bit of stormy moods.


I forgot the pet peeves Chris did. He forgot how to live with a nagging woman. He was so use to a bunch of stinky men forced into a tiny room. I started feeling smothered because when Chris was done with his tasks and bored he'd come to and kept urging me to go get this done or that done or hell let's go go go to something. I had to remind him a million times, I have been "go go go for nearly a year, GO AWAY."
I was getting so impatient and felt smothered because he wanted to know what I was doing, how I was feeling, and ten minutes later he'd ask the same shit.

So true!!!!! 👆👆👆I eventually began asking him to please stop talking or to leave the room. We were together all day everyday. My entire routine was now becoming our routine slowly but surely. There was even a day I spent the night at my parents because I was about to kill the man. 🔪🔪🔪🔪

In all honesty, it was just the "adjustment period." Out of respect for Chris and our marriage there are plenty of other details left out. As usual, we went with the flow and he begins work soon and I'm sad to be alone again. 


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