November 05, 2018


I know brands talk, but so do bloggers. This may be confusing for my 'normal' audience to understand. But for the hundreds of you who have reached out to be about starting a blog and charging brands to promote their product, it's not that easy. Let me make this very crystal clear, my job is to influence NOT to work for free. Click below for a real sip of TEA. 

This photoshoot costed money. Here is a normal example of a day in a bloggers life. A brand wants me to promote their denim overalls and let's say they wanted an organic feel vs. street photos. They mention they are only gifting the clothes and it is at a value of $225!!! So I go to the drawing board and create a story in my head. I hire a photographer, commute to an artsy location, geo tag this popular location because I know it will drive more traffic which will potentially increase sales for the brand. At the end of it I spent $200 for the photos, $30 in gas, $10 in parking, and $4 for my iced coffee (as casual prop). Is it me, or did I just basically buy these expensive overalls I can't afford? Do you see where I am going with this? Newsflash..being an influencer is now known as being a business owner, this is our brand too. Better yet, let me take these overalls to my rent manager and say "Hey, I have a pair of overalls for $225! Can I put that towards rent?" 
Don't get me wrong. I try to remember my place in this endless sea of bloggers. I know when I am being  entitled to something I don't deserve. I work with some beauty brands that flat out say "We don't have a budget but will send what you want in compliance with your usual social media rates." I agree to the terms because their products are INSANELY amazing! I want to keep our professional relationship so they continue to send me products I know I could never spend $$$ on a itty bitty bottle of magic. 
Now, there are beauty brands that are amazing but ask that I write a blog post, do a social media share on all platforms, sign a contract, create instagram stories, and submit before posting (not paid). Those are the brands I try to kindly communicate the fact, I am on a PR list for at least 20 beauty brands and I receive several amounts of packages a month, just cause. Also, as mentioned before....bloggers talk. We know you have a budget, you could be missing out if you're not honest. I don't invest in a brand that does not seem to think I am worth being invested in. Money talks, bullshit walks. 

Oh, but please do keep me in mind for future opportunities.

Jamie NOT Raelyn. 

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