October 11, 2018


Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? I don't get a Romeo to save me at the end of the day. So who saves me? God. You don't believe in God? Okay, me; And what does that feel like? Lonely AF!

Imagine waking up to your partner and either having a moment to talk and then you two begin the day together. One may get the coffee going, make breakfast, or do some light cleaning. Your partner comes home that same day (just writing that sounds...weird). They help out with dinner, talk about their day, ask you how your day was, and if you have kids you get to have some family time full of laughter. Your partner helps with dinner or cooks dinner, helps with the kid/s, and then you two sip on wine and cuddle up to a show or movie at the end of the night. Then the weekend comes, Saturday you have plans, and Sunday is pure family time. This is my week in a nutshell....
I wake to next to a sweet (thank the lord) gentle 3yd whispering sweet nothings in my ear like "Mama, get up..I'm hungry." I know, so suave. I make breakfast, we chit chat, get us dressed ( by us I mean him). I throw my exhausted ass something comfortable on and add bit of concealer and mascara to look alive. I drop him off at daycare where he is expected to be in Pre-K already. 
Then, gym (on a lucky day). If I have a ton of blogging work to do I always choose that vs. going to the gym. In my opinion starting your day off by getting your heart pumping is the best way to let go of any mishaps the day before, burn it off! By 1pm-2pm I rush to clean our home, prep dinner, and deal with adult phone calls and emails. I pick up Landon (get lectured on what I need to work on with Landon, run errands, get home, and spend fun time with Landon (he only has one parent here). I begin making dinner, ask Landon a million times "Do you need to go potty?"I usually forget something I needed to cook with so I rush to the store last minute, and finally serve dinner by 6-6:30PM.

By now, Landon has stared at my plate with disgust because it is not the following: Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or macaroni n' cheese. So I stare at hime and basically force feed him. I usually forget I started a load of laundry earlier and have to re-wash it. After Chris's shift ends 8am his time, he likes to call/face-time us. I always feel like a puppet master with Landon on my lap telling Landon what to say or do. I am trying to raise a man here. It's important to assure Chris the home-front is 100% under control. That's my job as the military spouse. 

I like the trash taken out by the end of night to avoid any creatures (spiders, ants, etc) coming into my home. Landon has gotten pretty good about trying to help me, he even reminds me to check the mail afterwards.  After that, it's bath time. 50% of the time I just throw us both in the shower to kill two birds with one stone. I always feel bad because Landon loves bath time. #MomGuilt

By 7pm, I make sure to dim the lights and prepare Landon for bed. We brush our teeth together, say our prayers, and I tuck him into bed.  In my head, I can't wait to open that Pinot Grigio or Rose, and pick a new movie out. I know, I know I need a small break at some point during the day.

What usually ends up happening is either: I get an email about a bill I completely forgot about, a late text from a family or friend needing to talk, or a last minute email from a brand regarding a change of date for a collaboration. So, I find myself working my charm to dismiss the late fee, adjusting my editorial schedule, and on the phone trying to be a good listener. 

I am the worst movie partner. I hit that pause button so many times. In this case it's because the left overs aren't going to put themselves away. The dishwasher isn't going to load itself either. 
The next day. 
I usually wake up late 1-2xs during the week. I calmly yet rush  Landon out the door, and forget to feed my kid. Once we get to daycare he tells his teacher "I'm hungry." The teacher looks at me and asks  "Did he eat breakfast?" I lie and say "Yes, must be a growth spurt." 😅 I go the gym and remember, I forgot to eat. I'm there for 30min to an hour and feel like passing out so I leave mid-work out. Fail!

On a daily/weekly basis I post on Instagram for a sponsored post. I take time to create content for my next collaboration, I photograph it, edit, and email it. I like keeping one #ad a week. By end of each week, my invoices are sent to the brand. Once Saturday and Sunday come the last thing I want to do is look at emails or Instagram. It is so saddening seeing all the Mom's and Dads together with their kids. I always make attempts to rough play with Landon the way Chris would but I'm the one that ends up getting hurt. I even try to let him play outside in the dirt or sand at the playground but I am usually right behind him spraying lysol in the there to kill germs. 😂

After all is said and done, I am proud of my family. Chris and I are miles upon miles apart but our marriage is still strong. We somehow lean on each other and parent together as much as possible. We appreciate each other's sacrifices. Landon is evidence. He has been so kind, helpful, loving, and adapting to his surroundings the last two months. Even when I pass out at the end of the day with my attempted movie and wine, Landon finds his way to cuddle up next to me and reminds me I'm nowhere near alone.

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