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May 10, 2018


Keeping this short and sweet because it is Mother's Day weekend and naturally I waited until the last minute to complete all gifts. My top is obviously a tunic and is extremely flowy. I wore a  bralette with it so the front wouldn't flare out so much. I love these shorts because they aren't as short as most of the pairs I own. I haven't bought many shorts outside of Urban Outfitters and Free People (mainly high-wasted and super short). I feel like I can actually move in these without showing too much skin. My boots were in stock for so long and have finally retired. I linked a couple similar items from other retailers. As for my purse I went a little safe by pairing stripes with florals and embroidery. I am not a fan of the fabric of the purse as it can easily be stained and hard to clean, but I love the compartments and am always a sucker for satchels. That's all I have for now! Have a good weekend!!! 

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