May 17, 2018


The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side. I told you in my most recent Instagram post I was going to post some serious sass mouthing blog post. So here we go...


I always get so many comments from small breasted women about how they would love to switch places with me in the chest department. This may piss some people off but I am not a people pleaser. I am going to lay it out nice and straight for you. If you don't like the truth, this post isn't for you. Listen, it is tough AF to fit into clothes when you are a size 0-4 or a XXS-Small (depending on the brand) only to get to that moment of zipping or buttoning only for it to stop at bust. We can't just throw on any top or dress and leave the house! Oh, hell no! We have to try on different bras, wear double sided tape, adjust the straps, and make sure nothing is spilling out. As I gain weight, my curves gain weight (THANK YOU to my first pregnancy) I have enough curves to go around. This is within my genes! Whether we gain weight or have babies, the fat goes to all the "right places" or so society teaches us these days. For example, The Kardashians. I don't follow them, it is pure FAKE, FAKE, and so wrong for the upcoming millennial's. I will say one positive thing about them, I recall seeing an episode about how much work they get done, and I LOVED how they owned up to it. Too bad 80% of the other women on social media can't. 
Don't get me wrong - I am fully aware I am guilty of complaining and ranting while doing nothing about it. I eat whatever, whenever, and drinking my Brut Rose while hardly ever excercising does not exactly help tame this annoyance {insecurity} I have with my body. A good majority of my fatty weight goes to my chest and butt. Ever since I was a teenager this has been my body's way of breaking down fat. So, what to do.....{insert light bulb here} learn how to dress my body and love my body. Lately, I have felt so defeated because I see all these cute clothes bloggers wear and I know I can't wear the same looks. I just can't, I've tried and it's the SCARIEST shit I've ever seen {beside having a c-section}. I can eye a boob job who may not be a full on fake double D but actually designed their boobs a certain way so they can fake being "perfect." News flash - this is an insecurity they decided to fill the void with and that is OKAY {you do you babe} but what about the rest of us? The ones who don't want to mess with mother nature? The ones who don't want to cheat and want to exercise not just for appearance but for mental and physical health?  
I am wearing bra that is not meant to be seen here. I remember watching the movie ' Sex and the City' where Carrie is leaving her apartment to move in with Bigs and her dress shows a black bra. That moment was a......'I can do this too.' So here are some life-saving bras that you can wear and tastefully show. The demi bra I am wearing is already sold out from Victoria's secret but I linked the best alternative option below.

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