April 09, 2018


The topic is pun intended in regards to the color of my top. It's April and I feel like I have nothing to show for this year. Depression..it sneaks up on you. I have never been clinically depressed but I came to this conclusion a few weeks ago while on a urgent call with my doctor. Once I opened up about the thoughts that had been running through my head with loved ones, they had no idea. Just like I had no idea when some confessed they have been where I am, and assured me it will pass. I did cry for help, I became scared of myself and wanted everyone who I knew cared about me to know. I wanted them to know so they could be patient with me while I fight this...and I will fight this and these dark non-stop, selfish, and ugly thoughts. That's why I am writing about it right here on this small domain, that's mine. My little voice in this big huge world I feel I've become invisible to. Still, I know I am not alone and I strongly urge any of my readers/audience/followers to reach out if you too are in this boat, I am a good listener. Thank you all as I know I have not been too active on social media or my website and you've noticed. 
I remember this day. All the stares and the iPhones being broken out snapping photos of me. I even had a few honks and kind women empowering me. I still felt so alone yet it was a Sunday and I was surrounded by people. Surprising right? I use to love jumping in front of the camera and showing new trends that I twisted into my own style. I felt productive and proud each time. Once I was done I got into my car and cried my make-up off. I ran late this day and didn't get to shoot all (5) looks. I stopped right there because I knew I was allowing the devil himself to get back into my head. I did accomplish (3) looks which USE to be so hard for me to knock-out in an hour and I somehow taught myself to do (5) head to toe outfits (including make-up). Now enough of this and let's talk fashion, the fire that ignites my heart and soul. 

This is what I love about Spring! I can bring out the loose oversized tops and balance it off with short  shorts (sorry Daddy, it's exhausting explaining my outfit choices since 13). I paired this look with a pair of ankle strap heels to make it more chic and sophisticated. What I love about the balance is how modest the top is (it's longer than the shorts in the back). This is perfect for Coachella! I know I know, every other blogger is talking about Coachella right now but some of us aren't going because we are Mom's and can't go be hippies for a week but it sure sounds lovely! 😂
My make-up picks were the usual cat-eye liner, bronzer blush, (3) shades of dramatic brown shimmer eye shadows, and a soft pink lip color. See below exactly what's on my face.

When my Mom saw this photo she said "Oh Mija, you look like that one gorgeous actress' something whats her name'....Thanks Mom. She tries. 

The sunglasses are Foster Grant and are $20. The price is fair considering the durability. They were a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend their customer service as top notch.

That's all I have for now! Thank you all again for reading! 

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