April 30, 2018


You all have been asking for more non-staged snippets from my daily life. I am still wondering why since I have a pretty average life but, your wish is my command. Both Chris and I like to cook, but Chris is better at it than me and he tells me. He follows (insert immature mocking voice here) "the rules, cooking is a science." I, however, take a recipe and make it my own. I am creative when it comes to everything and I don't think that's a bad thing!!! I don't like to copy *cough* like someone I know. Also, I edited this photo in Lightroom to give it some life (kinda of what I wanted to do with last night's dinner. #sass 😅

I found a recipe on Pinterest, made a list of what we didn't have, and then made the mistake of asking Chris if he was in the mood for something new. Basically, when he came home he dismissed me from the kitchen. I am going to share the original recipe here in a screen shot from my Pinterest page. Also, this recipe is credited and should direct you to the exact link on Dole's website.


The one difference is I requested to add cheese. Had I been in the kitchen I would have fried the tortillas into a hard shell, squeezed a ton of lemon on the tilapia, and then gave it some spice for taste. I always enjoy Chris's cooking but I felt the tacos were somewhat dull because Chris wanted to mainly taste the fish. Also, this was the original iPhone photo. This was meant to be as not staged as possible. So lol if any brands are reading this I promise I can deliver exceptional photos! 

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