February 07, 2018


First, I realize one year is not truly giving another side of the country a chance. Also, not to mention my family is on the West Coast. I've listened to family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers voices on why I should stay or go. This is what I've come up with on my own but first outfit details...

My shoes are still in stock at Target from Summer 17' but sizes are low! I found a copy-cat sold at DSW here! My original bag featured is 'Urban Expressions' sold at Nordstrom. I linked a similar option here from amazon
Okay let's go into what I have learned and disliked so far.

  1. The Weather and not for the reason you may think. California has always been too The Summer here on the East Coast and its' humidity keeps me inside doors on most days. The Winter is just the same except freezing below temperatures. Basically I've stayed in doors, 6/6 months I've been here. 
  2. I enjoy the fast pace but not the kind here in D.C. Everyone is in a rush to either get to work or get home, and they are rude to those whom are safe and not in a rush (ME, right here). In California, we are crazy bad drivers, sure maybe, but we have places to go and people to see a.k.a living life/experiences to its' fullest. Again, this is all my personal experience and what I have come to learn on my own. 
  3. Hospitality is dead, at least in Northern Virginia. The several encounters I have had as a consumer have taken me back to the opposite of excellent customer service. Maybe this is because I had absolute high expectations upon moving here. The way I have been treated would get an employee a pink slip and no reference (in my 13 years as a employee). Nonetheless, I am forced to shake off being treated poorly, stay positive, and to never bestow my sadness/anger on the next person. After one year, it gets' exhausting. 
  4. My family, I tried to keep this NOT number 1. I know this family I have created with Landon and Chris is my upmost priority. While I am not proud, I felt myself with Chris and Landon MORE-SO in California. I think it is obvious, I grew-up there and became who I am. Since then, I constantly feel like I lose myself and my sanity. 
  5. There are places to see here in Virginia! Again, I have come to find it is mainly historical and I am not that kind of girl. I miss the authentic salsa dancing areas, the free spirit of walking down the street to eat the best tacos in the biggest hole in the wall restaurant, and being able to take Landon outside despite living in fear he will end up sick in bed for days.
I think I like the idea of moving but not staying anywhere for certain is called traveling. At the end of the day, this is not what want for Landon. This year we will make a decision on a home, a home Landon can call his own. Thank you for reading. I know I base myself on fashion but I love including some lifestyle in the mix. 

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