February 01, 2018


I know it has been awhile since I posted a blog post. I promise I am going to speak of one of my favorite trends this Spring 2018 but I just have to share why I have not posted much on my website. We moved to another city in a state that is still foreign to me and just as we began turning it into a home we received Chris's orders to be deployed overseas. I will be staying in California during his time away, we are unsure if we will continue to stay in California once he returns home, however,  it is likely (if you are asking me). 😉 Then, I began searching for a new in-home daycare for Landon while I work from home. It took several weeks but we found one. Then....Landon came down with that horrible 24 hour stomach bug. It took a few days but he did recover. Then, that same weekend I had a photo-shoot scheduled and before I left, Landon had a seizure. It was quite the nightmare having to call 911 and carry my son into an ambulance, but for those of you who have been sending prayers and asking to keep updated...he is recovering and we are so thankful. We are still following-up with doctors appointments but he is back to his usual self. With that being said, I have not been available to post on my website. Now...let's move on to the positive and the topic I love to escape into....Fashion.

It is no surprise pastels always make their way into RTW Spring trends but all shades pink/lavender are the hottest trend right now. Michael Kors hit the runway with a long over sized sweater dress and a midi skirt. This sweater from Free People can be turned into a sweater dress paired with leggings and heels or boots. There is a lot of fabric but it is a lightweight texture. I played around with it and it makes a cute off the shoulder top with Free People's #1 selling bralette which comes in 9 colors. I own 3 so far...🙈 BECAUSE this bralette looks cute with everything!
As far as accessories go mismatching is one of the trends this Spring. Bold statement earrings for example, unfortunately, I am boring and this is as far as I can go. This two piece set are mismatched. My earrings are old and are from Free People, however, these days I am wearing Bauble Bar jewelry. The prices are fair for the quality and they are all every blogger is wearing these days. Also, Target picked them up except their line is called ' Sugar Fix' by Bauble Bar. 
I linked a similar pair to my denim. They are originally from Vici Dolls but their items sell out so quickly! 
You all have been weary of Altr'd State. I just stumbled upon them while living on the East Coast. They are so similar to Anthropologie minus the price tags. They deliver all that is trending, essentials,  and the visual merchandising is BEAUTIFUL! I realize the website needs some fixing and the colors shown are different from what you see in my photos but I promise they are safe to shop from! 
I bought these booties from target and they come in two colors. Target is doing so good at delivering the most trending booties. If you love designer shoes but can't break that piggy bank, I suggest Target. 

Thank you for reading and I promise to get back on track with my weekly blog posts!  

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