November 12, 2017


 This will be short and sweet as most of you know I have had a sick little boy for nearly a whole month now. Anyone else going through this? Right as the cold is gone and you think you are in the clear, BAM, it comes back for a second round twice as bad. Okay, this outfit screams 'The top 5 essentials for Fall/Winter. Scroll down as to ready why.

1. Yep, that little black dress. This dress is actually longer as seen on the model above. It hits me right at the knee and it does not look cute. I already had my scheduled photo-shoot so I just did some tucking and rolling (the dress has rushed detailing). I even made a joke on Instagram regarding how short it ended up, 'How to look like a hoochie.' 

2. A denim jacket. I can think of at least 5 ways to wear a jean jacket and stay warm. 
  • Wear a hoodie or sweater underneath and keep the scarf, or lose the scarf and add a beanie.
  • Wear a light khaki jacket over the denim jacket. The peek-a-boo detail of the jacket can be really cute. Don't believe me? Google some images, you'll see.
  • Not cold enough to wear two layers yet? Sweater dresses are pretty big right now. Tie the jacket around your waist once the temperature rises during the day.
  • Don't be afraid to wear denim on top and bottom. I have tested wearing a dark wash and light wash, personally, I'd rather wear the same wash. To give your outfit some contrast add a belt and boots to this look. 
  • Denim is a staple so you can wear it with nearly every look. Work at a casual work place? Try a blouse, black/navy pants, light denim jacket, pearls, and a soft colored heel depending on the color of your blouse. *Navy and black are harsh to wear together, it has to be purposeful.
3. Whether the length, grab a pair of black/grey/brown boots. I suggest mid-calf AND over the knee if possible. You have greater options of utilizing what is already in your closet for the Winter season. 

4. Layers!!! A blanket scarf can be worn around the neck or well...over shoulder chic poncho. 

5. Backpacks have clearly made their way back and this is so helpful. I keep extra 'just in case'  items like air activated pocket warmers, water bottle, etc. 

That's all I have for ya in relation to my look, thank you for reading! 

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