Raelyns Roulette: GETTING READY WITH b.tempt'd

November 22, 2017


It is Sunday morning and I am snuggled up in my usual oversized cardigan with my pumpkin spiced coffee. I have the back screen door open and I can feel the cold air breezing through my gold sheer window panels onto my skin. Today is the perfect crisp Fall weather. I may give myself a well deserved reason to stay where I am. Is it weird I feel the sexiest when wearing the most high quality and sexy intimates under cozy NOT meant to be sexy clothing? That's the thing with b.tempt'd...

Even if you are not feeling your best or you are not the type to flaunt sexy intimates, it is always reassuring to know how you feel about what is going on over your skin and underneath your clothing. Featured above is B.Wow'd Push Up Bra in Au Natural. Other push up bras tend to make me feel smothered, but not this one. What sold me on this specific style are the following details: scalloped neckline, the animal print lining on the inside (image below), and the ability to convert this into a halter bra. 
If I am wearing any piece of clothing that is meant to be discrete, it has to be a bare as possible. I feel most comfortable knowing panty lines will not be making an appearance while staying tasteful wearing the proper undergarments. Featured is 'B bare thong' from b.tempt'd in Au Natural. I tried this beauty on with light weight fabricated and no VPL!
How many of you have heard me stress on how much I love bralettes? Before I knew better I often saw the most gorgeous backless tops, dresses, and or sweaters but turned the other cheek. I remember watching Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex In the City' wearing a cobalt dress with a black bra shown as a confident fashion statement. I tried but could not jump on the peek-a-boo bra straps. Instead, I wear bralettes with a back detail that is specifically designed for show n' tell. 
Featured above is bralette spectator wire-free.  I wanted this specific style for a few work-out hoodies that have a back cut-out. Also, aside from it being cold I still enjoy walking around the house with a robe and a casual bra plus boy shorts. I so badly wanted to share the fit of the below spectator undies with you all but Chris put a hard no on that image pretty quick (gotta love a husband who refuses to share). 😉 
As you may notice these are full coverage boy shorts yet they moisture wicking. These can be worn with everyday clothes or to work-out, either way you'll look beautiful in them!

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