October 24, 2017


FINALLY! I have found time to not only do my usual beauty face Tuesday talk but a raw non-staged post answering all of your questions. This post is for those of you who have asked what I use for skincare. I have listened to those who have asked via Instagram DM, comments, emails, in person, and so forth. I am so sorry I have taken weeks to get this together. I wanted to really walk you through what I use on my skin, how long, and why. Before you read below you should know my skin-type. I have combination skin in the U and T zones. I am regular in all others. It took time to configure what products I needed in both areas during cold and warm seasons.

Key ingredient: Benzoyl Peroxide

"This medication is used to treat mild to moderate acne. It may be used in combination with other acne treatments. When applied to the skinbenzoyl peroxide works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel."


ZapZyt: My husband, began using Zapzyt after asking me what I used on my skin. I began using this when I entered the lovely pre-teen age of 12yd. I actually told my Mom I wanted to see a Dermatologist. When I saw the Dermatologist she made feel like I was absolutely ridiculous to be in that office. I had just begun to see any evidence of acne of my face and I HATED LOOKING AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR. I began searching for at-home remedies that would make my skin perfectly clear and nothing anyone could say would make me feel different. I wanted perfect skin!!! Well, after two years I realized that was not possible. My Mom started experiencing menopause and facial break-outs. One day, she informed me she found something that worked for her. It took three days to notice the difference. 

Acne Free: This is the wash I used when Fall fully began and my skin needed that balance of Benzoyl Peroxide and a less dry effect. ZapZyt may cause sensitivity so I recommend using it every other day with sunscreen. Some may experience less sensitivity to Acnee Free but if you are new to the active ingredient then begin using every night before bed.

Clearasil: I did not begin using this until both Zapzyt and Acne Free became harder to find. Zapzyt could only be found at the local Walmart shelves and then only on Amazon. I will say, it leaves a film like residue. It is a must to wash my face squeaky clean. It does the job so if needed it is my emergency wash.


1. Personally, I have been able to use the cream 1-2xs a day without any side effects. Some with any sensitivity have been experienced itchiness when exposed to the sun or dryness of the skin. I have only applied these products (in the same time-span over the years as shown above) in my trouble areas. The same results and effects take place just as the face washes (in my experience).



1. Neutrogena SPF Moisturizer: This was my first of all first moisturizers. I used this until my skin changed around 24yd. The air in California became dryer and I had to find an extra ingredient to protect my skin. 

2. Olay Regenerist- I began adding this product in my trouble areas which were the opposite of my oily areas (T-zone and U-zone) every single morning for another few years. 

3. Olay 7 IN ONE- Once I became pregnant with my 2yd, my skin changed drastically. THANK YOU FEMALE HORMONES!!!!! Now that I am aging like a fine wine (gotta add a little humor) I have continued to use this and could not be happier with the quality.


1. Flash Patch Eye Gel - I want to say I use these almost every night before bed. I find it important to allow my skin to suck up every bit of goodness. 

2. Flash Patch Lip Gel - I will never understand why but my lips are the most dehydrated part of my entire body. I struggle to see them moisturized. I added this into my nightly regime with my eye gels. Now that the weather is becoming cold and dry, my lips have increased dryness. 

3. Flash Masque Hydrate Fashion Sheets - This specific brand leaves the least amount of excess serum. It takes (5) minutes and wa-la you just increased our level of skincare.

*I use each product except the sheets every other night. The face sheets I use 1-2xs a week. Now that it is getting cooler and dryer I will most likely begin to include a non-SPF moisturizer. Which brings me to below...*


  • MOISTURIZING – Using a concentrated solution of our formulated Fluid Tears and other natural extracts, TEARS Concentrate Hydration Booster will give your skin that extra moisture it needs during your skin routine, day or night.
  • FLUID TEARS – Formulated with the same properties as active human tears which protect and moisturize the eye, they have been extracted and transformed into a powerful skin care ingredient that can help make your skin moisturized, protected, and vitalized.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – In addition, we’ve added 100% mineral water from the volcanic island of Jeju to make sure of no impurities, as well as various fruit and flower extracts such as lavender, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, and orange.
  • EXTRA LIFTING – We’ve created a concentrated solution so that each drop contains an extremely enriched amount of Fluid Tears™ and other various vitamins and minerals. It is the perfect addition to your skin care routine to help rid of fine lines and wrinkles.


Drinking the recommended amount of water makes all the difference in our bodies. I learned this while pregnant with Landon, I did not experience quite a few symptoms like swelling! I began breaking out as soon as those hormones got going but I noticed a difference once I began drinking 6-8  vent cups of water. I now drink at least 4 a day and I believe that plays a huge part.

There you have it! These are the main products I have used on my skin for years/months with continual results. I realize I receive many products and I would not post them unless they provided results onto my skin. This may take 3 days-2 months. Thank you for following along! Let me know if I covered everything. 

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