October 28, 2017


I am just now realizing I never really do my job, blog about the clothes I am wearing. I often just discuss topics. I am going to discuss each item this time! I am pretty stoked everything is still either in stock or back in stock. That means they are best sellers and that makes me a walking best-seller blogger. 😂 My sunglasses are the only item I cannot remember where I bought them from. I did try to link a similar pair from a one-stop retailer. 

My slouchy beanie by Madewell has been apart of my beanie family 1-2yrs. It does stretch out after a couple of daily wears but you can do a quick n' easy 10 minute hand wash, then hang it out to dry. It is $35 but you cannot get this space-dye quality (ribbed/knitted) from XYZ store under $10. 
My shimmer opaque control top tights are gifted from Berkshire from essentialapparel.com 
They are priced at $11 and are extremely comfortably form fitted. I can tell the quality will last. For those of you who are not familiar with this online shop I also linked two other brands you may feel comfortable buying from. I've always received so many messages regarding not being aware some of the advertisers I work with so I hope the above secondary linked images work. 
Jacket details below. Every girl has purchased this thermal top (tunic-like) from Free People. I did a 1-stop shop and purchased 2 out of 6 colors from Nordstrom (fav colors are linked at the top). I have worn this belted with a skirt, shorts, leggings, and denim. The v-neck is wide and with my petite fram can easily fall off. It is imperative I wear a full-coverage bralette (one that is made to peak-a-boo). The thumb holes are the cherry on top! This is priced at $68 and has been a renewed seller for years now. I believe they may have changed a detail here or there but it always comes back in stock. 
I finally found the perfect faux leather jacket! The heightened fit from behind while lengthening in the front offers a non-stiff structured style. You may notice each side has a zipper which can be used for curvy babes with some sexy hips (how thoughtful of DKNY). Personally, the price is right $98! I imagined it would be close to $200. 
My boots, my boots, are the bomb!💥 I found them in the Glendale Galleria mall located in California. They are originally sold at Call It Spring but I found them online at Macy's in two colors. 

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