October 14, 2017


This is why I love having a lifestyle blog. I know my main topics are all things related to fashion and beauty but I am about to get all honest on you. First, this Fall look! I put it together not realizing I was mixing textures and prints.
I am usually against that but I would like to think I somehow know how to make it work. My ombre sweater coat I bought from Nordstrom was a major "YES!!!" when I tried it on. I quickly imagined 15 different ways I can wear this. My blush lace top from Target can go from day to night. I love these denim jeans! I don't think I have ever felt this way about high waisted denim jeans before. They fit well in all areas and hit my waistline perfectly (short torso)!
 I can wear cropped tops with this pair! I could have easily worn this with a pair of flats, boots, tennis, and so on but I love wearing heels! I wish I can dedicate a one day a week to showing you all how I know how to style these looks in many different ways, which leads me to the subject of this post...
1. I have so many ideas on what to post on all social media channels but Instagram gives me the most anxiety. I often deny it but it is true. I over-think thoughts such as: Will viewers following want to  see this? Will the brands that have worked with me want to see this? Every time I think a behind the scenes photo won't do well, it does, so how often should I do them? I drive myself crazy!!

2. I am never content with the amount of work I put into anything. I always think to myself "You need to do better next time." I have always been this way so I can't imagine seeing myself change.
3. Chris (husband) needs a night or two a week away from me. I talk, cry, scream, punch, and toss and turn. I rarely remember my dreams but I know I dream quite possibly the entire night. Chris claims he does not, so envious!

4. I get panic attacks and get so jealous of the bloggers who travel to other countries. I just can't phantom being on a plane longer than a total of five hours or in a car for 2 hours. I know the day will come when I will have to do it but I just think of all the amazing documenting that goes on and feel insecure about my generalized panic disorder confining me. 
5. My name is not Raelyn. It is Jamie.

6. I love grabbing a glass of wine as soon as the time is appropriate. It is therapeutic! As soon as 4 / 5pm hits I am either working on house chores, cooking, or playing with Landon. I treat a bottle of wine like a small container of pringles. Once I pop that sucker open, I can't stop. I pretend I diet but I have never been on a diet in my life. I drink lots of water and focus on being active to balance the toxins my poor body is taking in. 
7. I have to take a sleep-aid every night. My mind has not stopped racing since I was 26 years old. I can be as tired as I truly am but when I lay my head down...the thoughts start pouring in. I wake up countless times during the night and I dream non-stop. I wake up tired everyday. 

8. I binge watch shows that have apparently been on for years but I am super lame and never heard of it. I am your fellow Netflix binge watching hermit. 

9. I am the most sarcastic, weird, understanding, accepting, confident, humble, insecure, smart, lacking common sense, and soft spoken person you know. I will make you feel better about yourself if you are my friend. 😂👐
10. I am 100% human. Thank you for wanting to get to know me better! I hope you all know I am so grateful for all of you who follow along with me and I am truly passionate about what I do for a living. 

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