Raelyns Roulette: WARMING UP FOR FALL

September 03, 2017


I have been trend searching like a maniac and getting Landon ready for pre-pre K! He is testing my patience more and more everyday. I guess these are those terrible two's I kept hearing about. 
Chris is deployed still so I am holding down the fort. New York Fashion week is this weekend and aside from the anticipated hectic schedule I am excited to mingle with some other bloggers + brands. I am calling out a few brands but you will see the below images that are a click away from shopping.  

My white blazer can be found here! It is from Styles For Less. 

My bralette is linked/shown before in a close-up, YOU need to want this! 

The blazer linked above was given as a gift from Styles For Less. I have had a couple weeks to test it out and I am happy to say I could not be more pleased. It is only priced at $24.99 and to be honest I'd pay more if needed. I am wearing a size small. The zippers are not pockets, it does not have a clasp or buttons, and although it is white I have not had to wash it but once. 

This bralette I keep obsessing about has been a wardrobe lifesaver. Whether you are a A-D cup, I have heard only good reviews. I am a C and have been able to tastefully wear it with items that are cuter without a bulk bra showing. Strapless bras and I are NOT FRIENDS. They never support me (pun intended). 😛 

My skirt is pretty girly so I wore a structured blazer and scrunched my sleeves up a bit. It helped me feel a little more...cool. 😎

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