September 06, 2017


THIS DAY....almost did NOT happen. Let me tell ya a not so fun story before I give my reviews. I woke up several hours early to allow traffic, finish my make-up, and eat a small breakfast. I sat in traffic for FOUR hours. The worst of it it was a man died in a motorcycle accident. It break my heart to know one person woke up that day to go on with their usual day, not knowing it would be their last. My prayers are with the family and friends who received that one call no one wishes to ever receive. Okay, that was my morning now lets get on with my review! 

This flirty flowy floral skort is so romantic and dreamy! Once it warms up again I would suggest a tight anything top. It is very flattering ( you wouldn't know I ate a six course meal, kind of flattering). 😋
This sweater is soft but I must say..I wish the ties were chiffon. I did in fact return this item after having to iron the laces several times. This is only my honest opinion, it may work for someone else. I loved the idea of it because I knew I could wear this with high-waisted denim everything. 
My oldest sister gave me this necklace. I linked something similar above. I truly believe she gave  it to me as a reminder in case I lost my way here in Virginia. I still do not feel myself or "normal" here. Anyways, it is a perfect delicate  staple that will work with most outfits.

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