Raelyns Roulette: LIFE LATELY

September 29, 2017


Life lately has been so insane! I am reconstructing my editorial schedule because lately I just feel like I am blogging aimlessly. The schedule I had before worked but now I am getting more requests from my readers and I know I need to get this schedule going. Do not even get me started on Landon and his tantrums because that has me emotionally and mentally drained by 4PM. Chris returns home from deployment soon so I will have a team member to help teach Landon patience. By the way, how romantic is this train station setting? I figured the dress is romantic so why not go all out. One more thing I have listened to your request and have included the pink tones I used for make-up. 

These shoes are unfortunately old but I found other options I would have gathered styled this dress with. 

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