Raelyns Roulette: STRIKE A (BLOGGER) POSE

August 06, 2017


I am guilty of keeping a list of safe poses and artistic poses. During this heatwave I either do my style photos by 7AM or no later than 7PM. The lighting is best as well to avoid shadows (one less thing to edit or to ruin a potential good shot).
See below for my outfit info! Note* This was taken with an iPhone*

1) Did someone call my name pose: Take a few steps, stop, and whip your hair while looking past your shoulder.

2) Cliche hand on the hip: When in doubt, just opt for the sassy hand on the hip pose and pretend like you are waiting for...your date!!  

3) Front view: Always make sure to get a couple front view options ideally head-to-toe but if you have some bruises after tripping over your toddlers toys hours on end, edit or crop those ugly things out! 

4) Back details- I would recommend an overview back shot and an even closer look of the back. Your readers will want to see all angles of the dress to consider buying it. Let them know they can always trust what angles you will show. 

5) I usually have accessory collaborations so I always make sure to get those shots as well.
This also helps your viewers to see "How I would dress this..."

6) 1-2-3 ACTION- If your dress is meant to be comfy and flow with the wind then show it off! I am a sucker for action shots. If you do not have wind, practice your twirling, and you will be just fine. 

This also comes in Black and almost a light pink/cream color
$58  CURRENTLY $29 using code LA50

This is presently FINAL SALE and is only $20. It comes in Taupe as well (super sexy).

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