August 03, 2017


Yes to the subject! My sister Marina offered to take photos of me for some outfits I wanted to share with you all. I promised her I would only take up to an hour of her time. As always, I had everything organized ready to go. All of my accessories are usually kept in a large freezer bag labeled by look number (ex. look #1 cabana, #2 work attire, etc...). I have come to a point where I can direct anyone who is taking photos of my outfits. I always welcome suggestions but if we are in a sensitive time frame, I can knock it out. See below what I truly believe brands look for when having their product featured. 

FRONT VIEW: I always make sure I have a full front overview of my entire look. It is ideal to not have your legs/shoes cropped off but when in a rush this will have to do.
BACK VIEW: I always love an action shot versus just standing solid still as if I were waiting in line at the DMV. 😑
I did not want to complicate nor drive my sister crazy taking several photos so I posed as if I were walking in the opposite direction. I asked her for honest opinions so we could snap and move on. My usual questions are the following: Am I too hunched over? Are my shoulders relaxed? Am I tightening the muscles in my thighs enough? lol because the good lord knows I have been over-eating rice, beans, tortillas, and much more carbs since I came back to visit California. I hate obvious photo-retouches so if I can properly place my body to the best of my "fit self" then it will save time for everyone involved.

VARIOUS CASUAL FRONT VIEWS: I try to add another front view in by doing some casual photos. Now, the only reason photo on the right is making an appearance is because my sister thought it was a "awesome casual photo." I personally like to either sit down in a usual laid-back stance, slouched over onto a wall, sitting on a chair looking at my phone, and well you get the hint. 
FOCUS ON ACCESSORY PHOTO: I prefer to use those non-dedicated collaborations by sneaking in a focused piece of product. Example here is my fedora hat. Notice I am specifically using my hands to call attention and looking away to draw that MUCH MORE attention? To the point and done!!!! Send it on over to the client.
GETTING MORE DETAILED: The photo above is one idea to call out a featured product but if you want to get straight to the point, then just do an obvious "My belt is....from here...and is only $$." Done! Don't forget to show that cliche 'hand in the pocket' pose. 
TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE: I often will include my own personal accessory such as this handbag that fits cohesively with the look but also highlights that arm candy from so and so! 
HAVE FUN: Sometimes letting your photographer snap a moment they see but you may not. Did I think anyone would care to see me getting ready to demolish this cupcake? No, but this photo was featured twice on high-profiled Instagram accounts. Is it me or does it  seem to always be those photos or looks you think won't do well, do SO WELL? I hope you all enjoyed my perspective on blogger photography 101!!!! 

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