August 07, 2017


Landon does this adorable thing when he wants me to read to him. He brings his choice of book up to me, gives me his puppy eyes, and telepathically says "Mama, read to me?" 
Right now we are digging 'The Little Boy Who Lost His Name' from. I of course customized mine to read Landon's name. Since I received it I have received so many astonished Mama's who wanted it for their little ones or as a gift. Once Landon is old enough I guarantee he will feel so special when I tell him a book was created just for him. I ordered it in Spanish as an extra lesson while speaking to him in a second language. I read to Landon once before and again before bed. Yes, I read the same book twice a day everyday for about a month and move onto something a little more advanced. Also, don't even get me started on the way he looks at me when I read to him. He loves my expressions. 😀😮😱😜😠😴😴😚 
These cards you see are another product sold by Wonderbly. It is called Silly Snap Game. I am working on noises and pairing them with animals. I shout out "What sound does the lion make?" ROOARR! Landon...well...he softly sings "raaahhh." Chris is visiting from his deployment soon and perhaps his voice will be tougher than mine?

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