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July 08, 2017


I will start off by sharing just how ecstatic I became when Skederm reached out to partner up again! I often review products and then allow a close family or friend to test the product as well. I select items specifically to treat my skin needs. I often find myself in an biased situation. With that being said, I am visiting back home in California for the summer and my mama has once again taken my Skederm products. My mama is 56 years of age and enjoys treating her skin accordingly. She is currently favoring the smart neck firming support cream, you see on your very left. She is a throat cancer survivor and on the hound for beauty products that target not only age effects but radiation + chemo.

Moving onto their Skederm's lifting patch for face (chin-line). I reviewed videos for on-the-spot results. It just feels so deserved to apply to my skin. I am always keeping busy so if I can apply a mask that simply clasps on by the ears while the seconds fly by - then so be it! I took a before and after photo but my iPhone 6 did not capture the results. The website itself states the following:
  • Strengthen the skin (Lift Up) – Due to the law of gravity, our skin loses firmness and elasticity. The Lifting Patch helps to increase firmness and elasticity.
  • Clinically proven for its effectiveness – Clinically proven as an effective product in facial lifting.
This moisturizer is special. Tears drop capsule moisturizer is that natural product that gives back to your skin. 

"Fluid Tears is an advanced ingredient that simulates the natural properties of human tears, which have incredible moisturizing and defensive properties for the human body.  Those properties were extracted into capsule form and combined with pure mineral water from thevolcanic island of Jeju to give your skin the active energy it needs to stay healthy, protected, and vitalized." 

Read below for key points quoted from the website itself .
  • Fluid Tears – Formulated with the same properties as active human tears which protect and moisturize the eye, they have been extracted and transformed into a powerful skin care ingredient that can help make your skin moisturized, protected, and vitalized.
  • Drop Capsules – Approximately 10,000 moisture-infused capsules immersed in clean mineral water that allow for instant hydration in just a tiny amount and leaving a clean smooth finish with little to no residue.

Enhance skin elasticity – A complex peptide component which is excellent for moisturizing the skin gives the skin elasticity to grant a resilient solid tightness to the saggy skin and restores damaged tissues and promotes the synthesis of collagen from the skin cells to prevent the formation of wrinkles.
Excellent Moisturizing Ability and Intensive Care For the Neck Wrinkle – It provides moisture and nourishment to the dry and parched neck allowing the skin to regain its once healthy and lively skin tone. The skin-friendly ceramide contained in the cream keeps the skin moisturized but also brightens the tone of the skin.
Defends External Stimuli and Strengthens the  Self-sustaining skin – Creates a moisture layer to the skin in order to defend external stimuli and allows the skin to gain strength to self-sustain itself.

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