Raelyns Roulette: LILY SILK

July 29, 2017


If you saw my IG photo explaining Lily Silk and my basic silk button-up then you already know what I have to say. 
I could not believe it had fit so well. The brand continued to pursue me with trying this on along with a few other goodies they sent my way. I am so glad I did! It is truly comfortable and I can see myself wearing this with a clean nor distressed pair of denim jeans for fall. I would either add a 100% cotton casual blazer or a polyester/spandex chic one. I have a surprise for you all at the bottom of this post (FREE GIFT). 
My asymmetrical faux leather skirt is from a MUST KNOW boutique called Jades Collections.
My bracelet just sold out but here is an identical one from CJewels called Chevron.
My multifunction bag in khaki is from a small online boutique called Her Layers and it is only $26 dollars!!!!! It also comes in black and gray. 
First surprise is if you use promotional code 'giversl' you will receive 10% off this item if you find yourself interested. I liked the top up above! 

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