June 12, 2017


I styled this over-sized this denim skirt a while back on vacation in Florida. It did take FOREVER to find that trending over-sized skirt around the waist look at ----------well exact link. I am including my experience with my most recent fashion photographer who is now based out of Florida Also, I am going to make the subject of this post K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple & sweet/stupid). 

My amazing, talented, unique, and so forth photographer, Lauren has moved to Florida. I will include her link at the bottom as I know some of you gals are located in the Florida area. It is something else finding that one person you ONLY want to work with just find another calling in a place you would least expect. I will continue to promote her through all my social media channels and a blog or two more with the work we captured together. Truth be told, I hope should she need a reference down the road she can lead to this testimonial. 

She was professional yet played by the professional rules in....'my own kinda way.' She stayed by her morals and did what she felt comfortable to achieve "that shot."


1. Don't be afraid to reach out to them directly with all the resources we are given. They are beyond busy and could probably use the help by reaching out and following up. This will help them to stay focused on you. 

2. Try and not feel entitled if they do not offer a sponsored post. I have worked for countless non-paid campaigns/collaborations only for them to reach out to me down the road because they enjoyed working with me. The feeling is mutual as I delivered more than they expected as a thank you for the wonderful experience. 

3. I have come across many situations where a brand or myself had been misunderstood because of emails. I enjoy hoping on the phone to discuss business as the tone quickly changes. 

4. I and everyone else will testify to "Do not accept just any collaboration opportunity." It is very important if you believe your readers will honestly appreciate seeing the fruits of this labor. Also, be honest if you do not believe the brand has found the right candidate and if possible, suggest a fellow blogger you think this collaboration will fit. 

This post speaks for itself..I have my staple 9YD gladiator heels from Nine West  years ago. I have my staple black cut-out button up that has been trending for years as well. This $20 skirt (linked above) is the ONLY NEW addition to this SUMMER 2017 TRENDING ITEMS. 

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