June 20, 2017


I think it was pretty funny when this collaboration came into my life. I had been looking into the good ol' pumice stone foot scrubber and this came into my inbox. My feet are beyond mutilated from dancing for 10 years, not to mention ballet pointe and dancing barefoot (oweee). It is imperative I stay on top of grooming my feet. It is a huge hygienic and beauty standard.  The Emjoi Micro Pedi is that magical at home service that you may pay an extra $5-15 every two weeks during a bi-weekly pedicure. That equals $30 which is quite close to this device. Here are some details from the website itself (I can testify to each one) 
  • Removes rough, dry and calloused skin from feet in seconds
  • Unique, micro-mineral roller spins 360 degrees for fast results
  • Revolutionary device takes the chore out of smoothing skin on your feet
  • Gently and effectively buffs away rough, dry and calloused skin in seconds
  • Safer and more effective than metal scrapers and easier than a pumice stone
  • Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association
  • Rubberized easy grip

This Epi Slim+ e18 does in fact work wonders! Although, beauty hurts it can be worth it (again with the costs of  waxing and shaving). I realized I had a very low pain tolerance while using this product. I found a way that works for me. I have to apply a warm towel to the desired area for five minutes, vitamin e oil, and JUST DO IT! It is worth it. Below are the featured key points to this device. 
  • 18 tweezer action discs remove hair from the root for up to 6 weeks.
  • Erase Glide Techology - glide back and forth or circular motion over hair for smooth, hair free skin in seconds.
  • Patented 3 disc system - each disc set contains one fixed disc and two that open and close to gently assist in skin stretching to increase comfort.
  • Skin Glide Technology lifts up and removes hair by gliding the tweezer discs over the skin with less irritation.
  • 14mm discs - optimum radius to remove hair.
  • Removes hair from the root as short as 0.3mm.
  • 540 tweezer actions per second.
  • Great for facial and body hair.

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