May 13, 2017


1) I became so excited with my first collaboration that I didn't care if I liked it or not. I did like it but I did not review the companies aesthetic and posted a photo way off the grid. I have never heard back from them.

2) Find your purpose as far as the topics you will blog on. It becomes easy to want free items. Try to remember the collaborations you use reflect on your brand. I am a all around life-style blogger with a focus on all regards to fashion. I try to think would I buy this? Would I use this? Does this brand fit in with my brand?
3) You will hear this over and over again but if you DO NOT have a quality photo to post, then do not post it.  If the brand has a deadline, be honest that you need more time as you are not pleased with the photos. If you are posting photos at your own will, the rule is the same. Don't be afraid to turn to Pinterest when needing inspiration. I have gone a few days without posting because I was not feeling inspired. In the past I had moments like this and posted anyway. I cringe everytime I see the photos now.
4) We all have our favorite bloggers, sure, but do not try and copy them. You will never be them, just like they will never be you. You have something different to offer so embrace yourself. I see so many bloggers who only do flat-lays, or overview shots of their everyday look, and/or focus on how to style the same outfit in different ways from day to evening. They found their calling and never strayed away from it and now their followers know what to expect from them.
5) You have been blogging some-time now and you hit 10K. Do not feel entitled if a brand reaches out to you and they do not have a budget. It is okay to partner with a brand because you genuinely would love to review their products and share your experience with your viewers. The same goes for brands, they may ask for many requirements and that is the beauty of a partnership. Find a way that works for both parties.
6) There will come a point when you submit photos to the brand to finish the collaboration and they are not happy with it. Please, don't get upset. In my personal opinion it is like taking a test, you get some answers wrong, study a little more, and re-take the test to get that A+. Why would you want to settle for a C-? 
7) I am going to talk about how this title has nothing to do with my photos. I could have easily created a lay-out and a beautiful over-lay captioned the headline of this post. This post should truly only be about the items I am wearing. The dress is that easy thrown on dress with a lace detail in the back. It runs larger on top so I would suggest double sided tape. The lace cover-up can be used as a swimsuit cover, a cardigan, and much more. The sandals are from ABC company and they slide down causing me to fix them every second. I would suggest doing some research on how to keep them put.
Accessories, I would suggest a delicate necklace paired with a delicate bracelet. One should offer great opinions or advice (if you are a fashion blogger) along with detailed shots to show your viewers what you are referring to. 
8) Just because one blogger looks like they are killing this endless sea of blogging, don't for one second think they are not a human being. They too struggle with keeping up with Instagram, their website, personal life events, and working with brands. If you must remind yourself everyday "The grass is always greener on the other side."

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