Raelyns Roulette: MOTHER'S DAY // PINK BLUSH

April 21, 2017


This maxi dress is originally from Pink Blush. It is described as yellow-white based floral maxi dress.  Pink Blush is THE PERFECT online shop to buy post-baby, maternity, and postpartum friendly dress. I have been able to introduce this brand to thousands of others. I remember being pregnant at ten weeks and NOT WANTING TO SPEND money on clothes that I would not need in weeks, days, and years! I don't know how but Pink Blush has cracked the code. I feel sexy AF (google that under parental supervision) wearing their products through-out my ENTIRE pregnancy. I do have to get it taken in by 1,000 inches but their size guide is true to size according to my normal sized friends. I am 5'0 on good days. 

Photo credit: Lauren Miles

I suggest visiting Pink Blush with the link provided above UNDERLINED because I promise it is a one-stop online shop to save you some depressing or HAPPY big belly HUGE breasted in-personal photos. I apologize for my down to earth Mama talk. I try not to sugar coat the topic of feeling like a whale yet savvy in spending on the right styled material. 

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