Raelyns Roulette: KISSBOBO BRAS

April 27, 2017


   "It was fate. One night in 2005, a stylish young woman carefully applied her makeup and picked out a chic evening dress for a dinner party, intending to wow. She left home feeling flawless and confident, but as the night wore on her bra band kept making an appearance and instead she was left feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed."

This is quoted directly from Kissbobo website. First, you should know I am slapping myself in the face for not knowing about them since 2005. I have turned down so many tops, dresses, and jumpers in the past decade. I never liked wearing strapless bras because they always looked so tacky on me, I would constantly be pulling my bra up and fixing it during a conversation. Now between who is reading this and me, this brand specifically has been my best experience vs. like-product wise brands. I love the nipple-free pain (🙈), the forever fashion trending scalloped outline, and it is sweat proof 
(🙈🙈). HEY! no judging. I am petite, C34, yet I sweat like a beast! 🙅 Also, feel free to visit their near 5-star reviews by over 250 reviews on Amazon.

This dress is a good example. I wore this previously with the EXACT colored bra for $54.00. I also attempted to wear it without a bra and I quickly looked like a sagging 60yd in need of a training bra. The genetic natural cleavage that runs in my family DID NOT pass onto me. 
I mentioned this bra on my snapchat story and to answer your question, my answer is no. I have not noticed the heightened length above showing in any outfits. 
The clasp is pretty helpful, I am careful with showing too much cleavage. I believe there is a time and a place. I like that I can control this through their lace-up feature. 

*In accordance to FTC guidelines, this product was gifted to me in return for my review. This is an sponsored advertisement and contains my 100% honest review.*

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