Raelyns Roulette: DENIM JUMPSUIT

April 07, 2017


I finally found a photographer here in Virginia! It is really hard to find someone who is willing to look like a fool with me. She took photos of me crossing the street, tried to convince me not to photo-shoot on the railroad tracks but she did it anyway (we're both crazy), let me sit up high on a balcony of a Restaurant (very illegal), and so we are perfect for each-other! I have linked her website below, she also does weddings! She is an absolute sweet-heart. 
(Lauren Miles Photography)

I am linking below exact or similar items I am wearing. I also linked items I would also wear with this. If I were going grocery shopping I would pair this with my Sperrys, skinny plain belt, a casual bracelet, and a messy top knot mom bun.
Chris made fun of me and told me I look like Jennifer Lopez "Im still Jamie from the block", Britney Spears "When they had matching denim outfits, Charlies Angeles, "This look brings out your Puerto Rican side." I can go on and one! One compliment he did give me was "Your butt looks great." Sweet huh? After years of being together, one baby later, 20lbs heavier, and he still checks me out!

FYI I did a shopping splurge at BEBE, they are closing all stores but may remain as an online shop. Their clothes started getting more conservative too! Darn!!


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