April 15, 2017


You know when you order an item online and you find yourself nervous awaiting its' arrival at your front door? This was my experience with Case App. I saw an option to design my own cases, I had so many ideas, yet....this was my first time. I was concerned the quality would not be expected? What if the quality is near perfect but parts are cut out? I received my items in the mail and it was above expectations. 

If you still find yourself interested, I have a special code 'RAELYNSR20' that will deduct 20% off your order! You won't be sorry annnnnnnd it makes for a perfect gift.

I know this service can be offered by many suppliers, but how convenient would it be to order online and know you will receive the quality you expect? Case App offer skins, cases, various beautiful designs ready to be ordered. Case App also includes a wide selection of electronics options too! I wanted to design my cases and I bet ya wouldn't guess what you see below...

I have these beautiful business cards I designed and printed myself. I printed 400, I probably have 399 because I ALWAYS FORGET my business card at home. Between changing wallets, purses, events, or daily conversations, it just always fails. As a full time blogger or one whom owns their own brand/business, never forgets their phone. Picture this, you come across someone who find themselves wanting to work with you and they ask for your business card but you don't have it on you.👎 You do, however, have your phone. They simply take a photo, visit your website for your contact information, and your website traffic is increased as well! It is a win-win situation! 
Have you heard of Style Collective? If not you will know why I picked this case). 😉😉

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