March 26, 2017


WHOA! This blog was beginning to look like a huge billboard ad of beauty products. That phase is over. My favorite time of the year, Spring! Oh, now let me tell you something. I stopped breast-feeding Landon when he turned 1yd in 08/2016. I was down to 86LBS!!!! Today I am finally 103lbs and feel better going to the gym to do some cardio and tone my unwanted fat. This is when I throw down all the best maxi dresses, skirts, and palazzo pants. I decorate my arm in bracelets and watches. will link everything I am wearing below here ----->

I have a stupid short torso so keep in mind when buying this you may have to tie the neck-line so tight you may pass out. Also, wear double tape!!! Chris kept having to remind me I was giving a free show to the entire neighborhood. Look below, there is a NOT so cute spill of boobs. 
I love this time of year so I can wear all sorts of arm candy and not hide it with a sweater. I just love making my arm so heavy I can barely walk.

I BARELY STARTED WORKING OUT two weeks ago. I am proud to say yes, I had to lift my arms in this photo to hide the fat trying to spill over. If you look closely you will see a lovely deep stretch mark due to birthing a toddler who is nearly my height already. It's okay small price to pay to have the joy of experiencing a child I carried.
That's all the time I have now. I am trying to still figure out Landon, blogging, going to the gym 5xs a week. I linked this nail color above. I have seen so many girls wearing this color and this has been my safe go to color. It goes with everything I kid you not.  

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