February 09, 2017


This blog post is going to be a wee bit different than my others. This photo-shoot had a few collaborations I wanted to share with all of you and a couple photos will be dedicated to their services. First, thank you all for your sweeeeeet comments on my dancing video on Instagram and congratulating me on hitting nearly 35K on IG. You are such a awesome support system. It is not easy trying to keep up with a full-time blog so any sweet wishes mean more than you will ever know. 

I will start off with my funny story of the week: I took Landon shopping with me (no surprise there) to the Windsor store. The staff worked really hard to bring me items I specifically wanted to try on. During an outfit change Landon decided to pull open the curtain door and RUN ...I am talking faster than I could. I at least had my leggings on so I just covered my bust with my arm and ran OUTSIDE OF THE STORE to grab him. I am dying of humiliation just writing this. This is the second time he has done this to me. 


Now, lets talk about this necklace from Charlie and Crew Shop. The owner started on ETSY, blew up on Instagram, and now has her own online shop. The owner is so sweet and cares very much about her customers. I linked the exact necklace above.
I received a few questions about this lip color I am wearing from my Instagram Story 
while shooting this look. I am wearing Urban Decay Vice - Nocturnal lipstick
It may seem pricey ($17) and although I received it as a gift from the hubs....I would buy it again! 
Yet, I am biased because you girls know I am a die hard Urban Decay Cosmetics fan!
THE BEST PART OF ALL!!!! MY PRADA BAG!!!!! No, it is not mine. It was a collaboration with Trendlee. This is a subscription service which let's you be fancy for a week. I love Landon but I need a casual bag to throw snacks, race cars, and some days a bottle of wine (JOKE LOL). You are able to purchase from the website if you desire to keep it. 
"Trendlee is the premier destination for pre-owned luxury handbags online. We democratize luxury by sourcing and acquiring unique handbags across the United States and making them available online on Trendlee at high discounts compared to retail prices."

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