February 08, 2017


This is the best part of getting older. Most of you girls know I had my 30th birthday almost a week ago. I am noticing the wrinkles and permanent bags under my eyes. I live life always tired as a Mom hehe. I am all for trying products and praying they work. You know me, I would not write a blog post if I did not believe in its results. Heck, look at the reviews on
 Amazon and their reviews! or Skederm

I did RESEARCH...CHECK THIS OUT  BUT REMEMBER TO OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB TO FINISH MY REVIEW ON THIS POST. "The slime or mucus secreted by these little mollusks that helps protect their exposed bottoms against cuts, bacteria, and UV rays contains a potent combination of elastin, proteins, anti-microbials, copper peptides, hyaluronic acid, and glycolic acid — all known beauty enhancers. Snail mucin is said to do everything from fading dark spots and scars to plumping creases and battling acne. The venom found in ocean-cone snails (as opposed to the garden variety) paralyzes its prey and is thought to relax muscle fibers that play a role in creating wrinkles."
Snail Secretion Filtrate
"Packed with ingredients such as glycoprotein enzymes and vitamins, snail secretion filtrate (SSF) has become one of the most popular ingredients in skincare.  It can assist with whitening, hydration, wrinkles, and protection from outside irritants. Also our snail serum absorbs quickly and with no sticky residue."
Hyaluronic Acid
"A naturally occurring molecule that can moisturize and regenerate the skin, it is also one of the major ingredients of SSF.  It can stimulate collagen growth and hold over 1000x it's weight in water within the skin cells.  It isalso considered a "smart nutrient," meaning it can adjust the moisture absorption rate according to the climate."

A few other gals have told me they are a new believer in this magical serum, they have been using it for months!

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