Raelyns Roulette: HOW I TAKE MY PHOTOS

February 27, 2017


This is going to be pretty short and sweet because it is Monday and I am hitting the ground running.  Most of you know I just moved to the east coast, right? Well, now I have to start my search for a photographer all over again. I already had two in California whom I absolutely adored. I don't like to pose very much and I'd rather walk, run, dance, and catch the moment. This is how this shoot went:

1. Chris discovered a portrait mode on his iPhone 7 plus.
It blurs out the background and focuses on what you desire.

2. Our backyard is a forrest and this dress was romantic, perfect setting.

3. This is where it got tricky. I had to pose!!!
The next photo of looks like I am running whimsically...nope I had to use my ballerina skills and balance myself.

4. Today I plan on walking in the middle of the street but this time I will be using my DSLR and my remote. This is when I click away and walk like I am strutting down 5th avenue in NYC. I am nervous because this is NOT L.A.! What would you think if you saw a girl whipping her hair back and forth while laughing in all sorts of directions? 

5. This is where getting comfortable in micro-movement comes in. I can usually take 100 photos and each photo is different. I'll do a Instagram story for you all later today or tomorrow and show ya how many bloopers are deleted. It is not pretty.

6. This is important. I do research on trends and look for inspiration. I get in this passionate mood and answer the same questions. Where am I going? Who would wear this? If the designer saw this would they agree on the aesthetic? Am I convincing my readers to buy this press for $130? Am I influencing? Do I look like a creative creator?

*side note* You don't always need a fancy photographer but you may once you have several collaborations and they deserve high quality resolution. Also, it makes a huge difference If I can knock out 3-5 full looks in an hour then have the photographer send me the edited photos in a fast turn around time.


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