Raelyns Roulette: HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY LIFE

February 21, 2017


Sneak peak into my marriage. So many that know us think we have this perfect relationship. Marriage is work every single day. I don't believe otherwise. This is a well known saying; Happy Wife, Happy life. I believe it is true. At least, this is how my relationship has lasted nearly 9 years (2 years were long distance states) and (military marriage separation). I am not a marriage therapist, thank the lord, because I sat in on a internship session at 18yd and.......it was the most depressing divorce. Anyway, getting side tracked here. I am going to say it bluntly....sex. Yep, S-E-X is a intimacy must have for a marriage. I mean this in a lady on the streets but only a freak in the sheets for the one you are sworn to in front of God. I only wear short dresses or tight clothing of any sorts when I am with Chris. I love my body and believe Chris does too. I try and remind him he gets all of me just as long as he does not annoy the heck out of me.  

Chris gives and gives and so I want to give and give back. Oh, but you best believe I still expect him to open the car door for me or know when I say "I'm fine" to not say "oh okay, cool." He has learned to let me sleep overnight after an argument or else I will go off like a crazy Mexican." I am most likely to apologize in the morning once I cool down. There, we can go on with our day. Would he rather sit and talk it out at that moment? Yes but he has learned he will not get an apology out of me when I am heated.
Now, we do not yell or curse at each-other. Chris kills me with kindness and I stare him down with this look above in return (my "seductive" face).  We do talk and make sure we say our faults. He loves when I serve him dinner and the fact I became a stay at home mom. I love that he in return takes Landon as far away from me before I leave him at a church like baby Jesus. I am trying to say R-E-S-P-E-C-T. We treat each-other how we want to be treated.


Most importantly, he knows the only way to get me to do what he demands is to tell me "Going forward we are NO longer going to....blah blah blah." I am going to do so to remind him we are very much equal. This is not the 1920s' and this girl will not bow down and say "Yes, sir." I enjoy respecting him so I do keep his cute little demands in the back of my head and secretly listen him in a less obvious way. He doesn't need to know that though. 

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