February 06, 2017


So many of you ladies always get a kick out of my captions on Instagram and Snapchat. I really enjoy putting a smile on a face or even laugh out loud. I wouldn't say I am funny as in haha but as in aw, your story just made me feel so much better about myself haha. Are you ready? Scroll down all the way but don't worry I have linked everything I am wearing first as usual. Landon is down for a quick nap so this is my chance to finally post even though I promised I would be consistent uuugghh!

Let's see where do I begin...in 6th grade I was pretty rebellious. Every school day at 9AM my friends from different classes and I would ask to for a bathroom pass. What we really did was hide in the bathroom and gossip about our latest crushes. One day, I asked my teacher and proceeded to my usual routine. This time she snapped at me and loudly exclaimed "Jamie, you do this every time after your snack break and you are really skinny. I don't know what it is up with you but I am going to find out." I have always been petite and skinny so this was not the first harsh comment I had received. The next day, a woman entered the class room and pulled me outside for a walk. She asked the following questions: How is life at home? What are your normal eating habits? How do you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror. Lol you all know I am oblivious to everything so naturally I thought...I am special and got to get out of class. I came home and a social worker was speaking to my parents....yep...I had to convince everyone I was NOT ANOREXIC OR BULIMIC. The next day at school EVERYONE knew. I died.
Let's forward to ten years later. We all have a moment in our life when we are trying to show off and completely end up doing the opposite. Example? An old bf at the age of 20 had invited me on a hiking trail. I am NOT an outside girl but I wanted to be that cool girlfriend who enjoyed rock climbing and that camping life. In the middle of the hike we had to jump over a small crack in the ground and he went before me. I went ahead and jumped, tripped (somehow), and hit a pole head on. My forehead was swollen, my nose was bleeding, and I puked in the car from the pain. We didn't make it past seven months.
While on the topic of dating let's talk about the one who truly loved me, my husband. After a year Chris introduced me to his family. At the time I was not "dating material" but I was eager to prove I had morals and was a bright young lady. The first day, Chris's mom offered to buy us lunch and bring back Carls Jr. I stayed behind and eventually it was time for lunch. We all sat at the table, prayed, and proceeded to eat together. I kindly asked if I could warm up my sandwich. I left the foil on, walked away, and seconds later I heard his Mom scream "FIRE!!!!" She had to buy a new microwave.
Still not convinced I am the most humiliated person? Let's talk about prom. I was asked by
a senior and I was just a sophomore. I felt that much cooler when he was one of the top three  
nominees for prom king. My parents took me to the L.A. fashion district and bought me this huge taffeta dress with embroidered diamond studs . I  thought it was beautiful! The day came and I got my hair done and asked for a half-up curled crown and (the ugliest) tiara at the top. I even had my braces removed a week before prom so I was feeling pretty awesome. My dentist told me to keep my retainer on all day everyday for a whole year, so I did. I showed up at the prom with my huge gown and a shiny retainer ;) feeling like a Princess. That night the prom queen was announced at the same time my date was announced king! Well, the queen and king rekindled their love for each-other and I ended up on the bus back home not the limo (chariot) I rode in on. Was it the retainer or the dress straight out of quinceanera?

One more and I have to get lunch ready for Landon. Let's talk about my college years at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). I officially felt like I was something fancy. I was still watching Lauren Conrad on 'The Hills' and never missed an episode. Finally, the day came when I had to sign a release form as she was going to be in class that day and the film cast would be recording snippets. By the end up of class I somehow ended up in the same elevator as her and I froze. At the time I had a carry-on bag I used to carry all 100lbs of my school supplies. We got off on the same floor and she was kind enough to let me go first. I thanked her by rolling my gigantic bag over her toes. That poor girl! Poor me, I really wanted to let her know she was a huge inspiration to me. 

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