January 30, 2017


First, I am not stating this is the exact formula to get accepted. I do not work for Rewards style (a.k.a) Liketoknow.it. I have been receiving a ton of questions from you girls how to get accepted. Second, I want you all to take a moment and understand it is okay if you have applied and were not approved.
I promise this won't make or break your social media status. Lastly, this post is explaining my experience while applying and being accepted within 24-48 hours. This is what I think I did right

Let's get ready get set, go!!!!! Before applying, make sure you have a website. The application will ask if you have a website, how many page views, and unique visitors you have. Mind you, I know a few gals who have applied with only an Instagram account but their following and engagement is off the charts at A+++ rate. I had barely launched my website and had 5,000 + views. I asked all my family and friends to please check in on my website on the daily. I had only become a blogger 03/01/2016 via Instagram and it was not until 6/01/2016 did my website launch. One week later I applied to Reward Style.

Make sure you are confident in your content on Instagram. It is okay if you only have a small following; At the time I had 2,000 followers. My followers engaged in my content. I posted once a day and felt confident in my post. I felt it was clean and clear with what niche I was aimed at.

Aside from only having a iphone6 or DSLR with a self timer I knew I had to put my best foot forward. I didn't care who saw me posing as long as I was in front of a plain background so my outfit would pop. Okay okay fine, anywhere I didn't need a permit to do a photo-shoot. I have shot in almost every alley in Los Angeles, CA. The point is don't go out and buy a fancy camera just yet. Spend time on Pinterest and snap the photos you find attractive and fits your aesthetic. This will help make-up for the not so awesome quality and therefore, lovely content. I did not hire a photographer until five months into blogging.

If possible try and have a couple other social media channels as well. This will help in how many viewers you are reaching in whole. Do you have different names on three different social media platforms? If so, try and apply after you have notified your readers you will be using one or the other name. Try and keep your blog name clean as possible. My blog is named Raelyn's Roulette but my name is Jamie Rae. All my social media user names are consistent. Don't ask why, you will realize when you go through the application process.

Finally, this is something I always tell anyone if they don't get accepted. Just because you are accepted does not mean you are going to be featured on liketoknow.it or earn a million dollars over-night. As with everything IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE. You will have to earn your viewers trust by allowing them to believe they must by from your closet because you found the best deal of what is trending or you found similar items for half the amount of what you are wearing. Being featured on liketoknow.it is hard and easy all at the same time. Don't lose sight of why you started blogging. It wasn't so you could be accepted to Rewards Style, right? Or to be featured only there, right? Now get ready and go be be YOU! If you follow what this post....apply for Reward Style in a couple of weeks. If you have already applied...I heard if you use a different email it may help. Otherwise, you have to wait 6-12 months before you can apply again.

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